24 hours in Albuquerque

24 hours in Albuquerque


Well, our stay got cut short due to a cancelled bus in Dallas. Instead of two nights we had 24 hours here (not counting the 2 hours delay our bus to Flagstaff had, we couldn’t know that before…). But I think we made the most of it: Arrived at 7:30 in the morning, after a – well interesting – overnight bus ride. Checked in at our Motel, that luckily had a room ready for us, slept until noon and then started exploring the city. Walked through the beautiful Old Town and on famous Route 66. Over night, the weather had turned and winter had got us again. There was quite a lot of snow the next morning, causing our bus to be 2 hours late.


Here some pictures:


2 thoughts on “24 hours in Albuquerque

  1. “Better Call Saul” to sue Texas weather and Greyhound and … to get a refund for having messed up your travel plans.

    1. We’ll try. All the attorneys that advertise along the highways seem to just deal with accidents though… But we keep looking to find one to file our lawsuit! ;)

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