Busan – Welcome to Korea

Busan – Welcome to Korea


We left Japan from Fukuoka on a high speed ferry to Busan in South Korea. That’s where we’ve spent the whole last week. I guess we could stay even longer without a chance of getting bored.

Busan must be Korea in a nutshell, it’s got a bit of everything: exciting skylines with huge skyscrapers (actually our accommodation is in one of these, on 32nd floor, how awesome is that!), broad white beaches with promenades to stroll along, hills and mountains for great hiking and amazing views on the city, a seaside with beautiful cliffs to walk on, lively markets to explore (like Korea’s biggest fish market), temples, historic sites, shopping,… All in all, it’s a great place to get acquainted with Korea.

Plus, we’ve finally spotted a squirrel again!


Here’s the proof:


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