Exploring Moscow

Exploring Moscow


We had two days to explore Moscow before we went on our Transiberian Tour. Not nearly enough time to see it all, but enough to visit the “essentials”: The Kremlin, the Red Square, Alexander Garden, Gorky Park. We were very lucky with the weather, we enjoyed two beautiful, warm late summer days. Just perfect for strolling around and chilling in parks and little cafés.

The city is great, but also a bit intimidating. Nowhere else have we seen so many police and security guys. We even had our bags searched and go through a metal detector when entering the food court of a small shopping mall. So we tried to be good tourists and stick to the rules, we haven’t even jaywalked. The police guys really don’t look like you could mess with them.

Our personal highlight is the Gorky Park (in fine weather): You can do everything here, from table tennis to Petanque, from skating to Volleyball. Or just chill out in huge cushions that lie around in the grass and watch people passing by.

Also not to miss is a ride in the Moscow Metro, certainly the most beautiful underground we’ve used so far, full of history and great architecture. And the trains seem quite antique, too…

Some pics:

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