Hit The Road Jack !

Hit The Road Jack !

or rails in this case …

We’re of to Nepal by train and bus, Thank you Greta, that was your fault. Well, I always hated flying anyway, so Anja insists it’s because of me… lol… But I do actually love trains, Steam Trains mainly. So it’s a win win.
Starting in Oldenburg, that’s where we live, our first trainstop is Berlin from where we continue to Russia, Moscow to be more precise. Moscow is great, I can really recommend it. We’ve been there before so I am really looking forward to seeing Moscow again. As it turns out we will have to fly after all, due to the Corona Virus Chinese Borders are closed. Also getting a Visa has become more complicated since last time we were in China. Frak. So instead of going by train from Almaty to Urumqi, we’ll fly from there to Delhi.

In the time it took me to write this we’ve actually been in Moscow 3 days. We’re not really on a sightseeing tour this time, just kind of passing through. So it’s more of a revisiting thingy, going for walks, dining and checking out the local Bouldering Hall. So if you want to know more about Moscow, I recommend reading our other posts Russia. This post is more like the beginning of a much larger trip to Nepal, have to start somewhere after all. A bit like the new Picard show, slow in the beginning but eventually picking up.

So what have we been up to so far? Well, the first day we arrived quite late so we went straight to our stay for the next 3 nights, The Godzilla Hostel. Turned out to be really nice, our room was practically new and had a really nice en suite. They have free Tea, Coffee and has a nice living room kind of lounge with TV, Books and stuff. Tonight theres actually a Pizza and Movie Party. Hurray !!! A local artist, Viktor who believes that art shouldn’t be for sale, but wants to become a virtual millionaire, will be our cook! Viktor is planning, if all goes well, to open his own restaurant in the near future. We’ll have to come back, again, to see how that worked out :)
Feel free to check out his Instagram page Art Against Money

All made by Victor including the cured meat, thanks Victor !

Other than that, We’ve just been wandering around a bit, the usual stuff, the GUM shopping centre, Red Square, some parks found a great Georgian restaurant, had a superb meal at the famous Cafe Pushkin. Great food and excellent service. Highly recommend it. The weather is not bad, well actually it is, kinda, while it`s not very cold and there hasn’t been much snow, there should have been a lot more snow and cold. Yes the climate is spinning out of control. On the other hand, the weather was just good enough to go for a run, 5K. Pretty sure I was the only person in Moscow ;) running, didn’t see others, that’s for sure. It was cold but fun. Not long ago we discovered Bouldering, though I am afraid of heights, I try my best. This brought us to the Limestone Boulder Hall, had lots of fun but we were under the impression that the problems (that’s what the climbing routes are called) were a bit more challenging than what we normally tackle. Anyway I can happily recommend this place.

So tomorrow were off to Saratov, the next stop on our journey to Nepal. Saratov is new to us so I think we will go a bit more in-depth on our next post.

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