Just eat it… Japan edition

Just eat it… Japan edition


For our Foodie friends: a selection of some of the food we had in Japan. Featuring Sushi, Sashimi and Ramen (of course) and other stuff.

A whole lot of the restaurants have plastic versions of their dishes on display outside. Which is really helpful, especially when there are neither an English menu nor an English speaking waiter available. You can just go outside with the waiter and point out what you want. I once did that and I still have no idea what I had for dinner that evening. It looked like white fish but certainly did not taste like it. Most surprising was the texture, it was crunchy… Well, whatever, most important, I liked it all. Even the horsemeat ramen and the raw tuna tartar with the raw quail egg on top. And even Henry liked that, though he usually stayed away from all things uncooked.

When it comes to sweets, there is usually rice, beans and/or green tea involved. Will someone please import yuki no yado rice cracker? They combine sweet and salty in a heavenly way. Absolutely addictive! Disappointing on the other hand were the bread rolls (called melonpan) filled with ice cream we had in Nagoya. There was a line of maybe 100 people (teenager, mostly), in front of the store that sold these, so we thought, hey lets try and blend in and get one of these as well. Well, we waited 45 minutes in line for a slightly sweet bun filled with quite boring industrial ice cream. Didn’t understand the hype at all.


So here’s the gallery:

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