Just Eat It… Austin’s Food Trucks

Just Eat It… Austin’s Food Trucks


Austin is different than the rest of Texas. More liberal and progressive, we would say. You can find a lot of vegetarian and even vegan restaurants (we avoided them for the most part) and a whole lot of fair-trade, local, organic stores, cafés etc.

And you’ll find a lot of Food Trucks. We tried our best to eat through all of them but we failed. Sorry, we did our best, there were just tooo many.

But the ones we tried were very good.

Starting with some Tacos, Cookies and Brownies over to Shawarma, Rotee (Thai Crepes), Cup Cakes and Kimchie Fries (Kimchie is basically fermented cabbage and the Korean version of Sauerkraut – we’re gonna compare it to the real stuff when we’re there…).

In that order.


Yes, we took some pictures:

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