Off of Offa: Hay-on-wye to Knighton

Off of Offa: Hay-on-wye to Knighton


From Hay-on-wye our next stop would be Kington passing Gladestry where we stopped for tea in a very small tea house (a lady had transformed her living room into a small cafe, the door was wide open but we had to ring some bells on the table to call for service). The landlady told us some weird tales of a pipe organ that sent the church community into rage over the question whether to keep and restore it or get rid off it and buy a new one, ending up with the vicar throwing everybody out of the church and a delegation of bishops having to step in to get matters sorted.

The weird sign we had found on the way saying “PINCHING PARSON OF NEWCHURCH NOT WANTED” nobody could explain.

Then there was the walker in a bright yellow summer dress that appeared out of thin air gave some advice and disappeared agin.

At one point on the way we stopped at a church that offered refreshments, where you cold drink tea, coffee or squash for a little donation. We sat on graves and talked to fellow walkers from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Wales (they came for the sheep they told us).

Finally at Kington it was time to set up our tent an call it day.

The next day started to quite well, on the way to Knighton we met some of the walkers from the day before.

Unfortunately today was not going to end to well, not long after we set of to Knighton I tripped and sprained my ankle, very painful but we had no choice than to move on. Not long before arriving at our next destination my already weakened ankle decided to trip me up again sending me almost flying through the air trying to keep my balance. No chance, I went down hurting my ankle again plus my toe on my other foot and destroying one of my walking sticks.

Nothing felt broken so we decided to stay an an Inn for the night and see if we could carry on the next day.

Unfortunately our Offas Dyke trip was to end here. We almost made it to the halfway mark, such a shame.

But hiking just wasn’t possible any more. We called my relatives in Peterborough to let them know that we would be coming to visit. Fortunately they where there and could take us in for a few days.

The End… for now.

Stay tuned for the resumé. And how the journey continues.

Hay on Wye to Kington

Kington to Knighton

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