Scientists have proven…

Scientists have proven…


For a long time it was thought the caves in the sandstone cliffs that are up to 430 feet high were a natural occurrence.

Not long ago cave carvings were found proving otherwise.
Today we had the opportunity to visit this marvellous site dating back almost 14000 years.

Before actually going in to the caves we flew over the site with a helicopter.

From the top the cliffs look toasted which is due to the sun burning the sandstone.



In one of the caves a carving was found that is actually readable, but scientists can’t figure out the meaning as free wifi wouldn’t have made sense 14000 years ago. On the other hand it may have been a trick to lure in potential customers and sell them food or drinks.

It seems it will remain a mystery just like the 80 feet high monolith in front of the cliff caves.


Or maybe not ???






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