Shanghai is all you would expect from a modern city of 24+ million people. It’s huge, vibrant, noisy, sometimes smelly and chaotic especially the traffic (seems to be normal in China).

Depending on the size your wallet you can spend any amount of time here without getting bored. Food comes in all shapes and sizes from cheap but good street food to more expensive upper class restaurants which can still be quite affordable, but you also have the extremes for people with really large wallets. The same goes for accommodation. If you like going shopping, this is your place, you’ll find everything here.

Though not particularly famous for sightseeing, there is still a lot to see and do. Take a stroll down the Bund, Huangpu riverside and admire the skyscrapers, or take a boat ride. The French Consession district is well worth a visit especially Tianzifang with all the nice historical style buildings. Take a lift up to the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center for a great view, that’s if the weather is good, 94th floor is actually plenty, same view but cheaper, we went to the 100th floor and didn’t think it was worth the extra charge, but if you happen to be there, you will probably end up going all the way anyway (will people ever learn?).

Personally I recommend this town at night when all is lit up. Plenty off nightlife to keep you going for quite some time. Restaurants, markets, pubs, clubs, Karaoke places etc. Oh wait, what is this???

Shanghai - 47

The energy being consumed must be vast, better not think about that aspect. Still I think when visiting China this city is a must. The only thing they don’t have is fast internet. But that you won’t find anywhere in China.

Shanghai - 53

While there is much to be said about this city I decided to keep this post short (don’t want to end up writing a book) and let the pictures speak for them selves:

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