Texas weather strikes back

Texas weather strikes back


Winter finally got us. We’ve succeeded long enough to avoid bad weather, but here in Keller, Texas, close to Dallas and Fort Worth, we’ve run out of luck.

After a very rainy day yesterday there is now even snow and ice on the streets with temperatures under zero degrees Celsius. You just don’t mess with Texas, I guess.

Saturday, when we arrived in Keller, it was still quite nice outside, even T-Shirt-weather I would say. In the evening, our hosts  Susie, her son Carver and his fiancé Allanah took us to Angelo’s BBQ in Fort Worth, an authentic Texan place with deer on the walls and a bear welcoming you at the entrance. A great place, I guess you have to be there and experience the atmosphere first hand. The food was very good, too. Very simple and straight, just meat, beans, potato mash and coleslaw. It didn’t need anything else. Some pictures to give you an idea:


After that we went for a beer to Sundance Square in Fort Worth. Who would have guessed we had to present our IDs to get in a bar? I certainly didn’t: We couldn’t get into the “Flying Saucer” because I had forgotten to take my ID or passport with me. I should feel flattered I guess… We found a different place that would sell me a beer without asking for my ID in the end. A few pics of central Fort Worth at night:


Yesterday, Sunday, it was raining cats and dogs. So we went to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art, a lovely place where you can easily spend a few hours without getting bored:


Today, Monday, was a very lazy day. We had no choice, really, since there was (and still is, hopefully it won’t be that bad tomorrow when we have to get back to Dallas to drop off our rented car!) a thick layer of ice on the roads. Allanah found a poetic way to describe our situation: (thousand thanks for that! :) )






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