Welcome to Miami (Beach)

Welcome to Miami (Beach)



I am in Miami Bitch! (We saw people wearing T-Shirts with that printed on).

Yep we’re in Miami and what a difference it is to the Dominican Republic. It’s clean, tidy, by far not so noisy, a bit more expensive, and it feels cold ! Well in comparison at least. Still, lots of sun waves, people jogging, doing the one or the other kind of workout, hm, feel kind of bad for them.

Anyway Miami seems to fit almost all cliches you can think of. Just like CSI Miami makes us think it is: expensive cars, expensive restaurants, expensive ice-cream, expensive chicks on skates, lots of surfing, photo shootings … you get the idea… All just a bit too much, but still somehow quite nice. And on the downside, a lot of poor people, beggars and nutters.

But I must say the DomRep was more easy going. The transportation, while weird at first, proved very easy, efficient, fun, and cheap. In some ways DomRep and Miami are very similar, though: a lot of Spanish, chicken, coconuts, Palm-trees, surfing, food…

In other ways very different.

All in all both worth a visit. Me gusta !

We’ve been around a lot the last few days, visited Key West and the Everglades. Will post more on that later. Tomorrow (Saturday) we’re on our way to Sarasota, we’ll take it slower there.


Miami Beach Gallery
Miami Beach Gallery

Link to photo gallery >here<



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