A Train Journey to Southeast Asia

Our last longterm-journey this year takes us through Asia. We’ll take the Transmongolian Train from Moscow to Beijing, travel zigzag through China (by train, too, of course) to Hanoi, Vietnam. Haven’t really decided where to next, maybe Cambodia, we’ll see. We’ll fly back from Ho Chi Minh City via Dubai.

    1Berlin, Germany15th September 201516th September 2015
    2Moskau, Russland16th September 201519th September 2015
    3Jekaterinburg, Russland20th September 201523rd September 2015
    4Nowosibirsk, Russland24th September 201527th September 2015
    5Irkutsk, Russland28th September 20155th Oktober 2015
    6Bolshoye Goloustnoye, Russia29th September 20151st Oktober 2015
    7Listvyanka, Russia1st Oktober 20154th Oktober 2015
    8Ulaanbaatar, Mongolei6th Oktober 201518th Oktober 2015
    9Mandalgovi, Mongolia8th Oktober 201510th Oktober 2015
    10Terelj, Mongolia12th Oktober 201516th Oktober 2015
    11Peking, China19th Oktober 201523rd Oktober 2015
    12Xi'an, China23rd Oktober 201526th Oktober 2015
    13Shanghai, China27th Oktober 20151st November 2015
    14Guilin, China2nd November 20154th November 2015
    15Guilin, China5th November 20159th November 2015
    16Guangzhou, China11th November 201513th November 2015
    17Jiangmen, China13th November 201516th November 2015
    18Hong Kong16th November 201523rd November 2015
    19Hanoi, Vietnam23rd November 201526th November 2015
    20Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam26th November 201527th November 2015
    21tp. Huế, Vietnam28th November 201529th November 2015
    22tp. Hội An, Vietnam29th November 20151st Dezember 2015
    23Phan Thiet, Vietnam2nd Dezember 20154th Dezember 2015
    24Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam4th Dezember 20156th Dezember 2015
    25Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate7th Dezember 20159th Dezember 2015
    26Frankfurt, Germany9th Dezember 20159th Dezember 2015