Around the World

Here you can see where we have been on this tour around the world. It’s been quite a trip, had a great time!

    1Oldenburg, Deutschland30th December 201430th December 2014
    2Punta Cana, Dominikanische Republik31st December 20145th January 2015
    3Bayahibe, Dominikanische Republik5th January 20158th January 2015
    4Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik8th January 201512th January 2015
    5Cabarete, Dominikanische Republik12th January 201519th January 2015
    6Las Terrenas, Dominikanische Republik19th January 201523rd January 2015
    7Las Galeras, Dominikanische Republik23rd January 201525th January 2015
    8La Altagracia Province, Dominikanische Republik25th January 201527th January 2015
    9Miami, USA27th January 201531st January 2015
    10Siesta Key, USA31st January 20154th February 2015
    11Savannah, USA5th February 20159th February 2015
    12New Orleans, USA10th February 201518th February 2015
    13Austin, USA18th February 201521st February 2015
    14Keller, USA21st February 201525th February 2015
    15Albuquerque, USA26th February 201527th February 2015
    16Flagstaff, USA27th February 20151st March 2015
    17Los Angeles, USA2nd March 20156th March 2015
    18Olancha, USA6th March 20157th March 2015
    19Bishop, USA7th March 20158th March 2015
    20Visalia, USA,8th March 20159th March 2015
    21Oakhurst, USA9th March 201510th March 2015
    22Merced, USA10th March 201511th March 2015
    23San Francisco, USA11th March 201513th March 2015
    24Monterey, USA13th March 201514th March 2015
    25Atascadero, USA14th March 201515th March 2015
    26Ventura, USA15th March 201516th March 2015
    27Wayasewa, Fidschi18th March 201521st March 2015
    28Nacula Island, Fidschi21st March 201524th March 2015
    29Nadi, Fidschi24th March 201525th March 2015
    30Auckland, Neuseeland25th March 201527th March 2015
    31Whenuakite, Neuseeland27th March 201528th March 2015
    32Matamata, Neuseeland28th March 201529th March 2015
    33Rotorua, Neuseeland29th March 201530th March 2015
    34Taupo, Neuseeland30th March 20151st April 2015
    35Turangi, Neuseeland1st April 20152nd April 2015
    36Taumarunui, Neuseeland2nd April 20153rd April 2015
    37Stratford, Neuseeland3rd April 20154th April 2015
    38Whanganui, Neuseeland4th April 20155th April 2015
    39Wellington, Neuseeland5th April 20157th April 2015
    40Napier, Neuseeland7th April 20158th April 2015
    41Taupo, Neuseeland8th April 20159th April 2015
    42Ngatea, Neuseeland9th April 201510th April 2015
    43Waipu, Neuseeland10th April 201512th April 2015
    44Whangarei, Neuseeland12th April 201516th April 2015
    45Auckland, Neuseeland16th April 201517th April 2015
    46Präfektur Tokio, Japan17th April 201520th April 2015
    47Fujikawaguchiko, Japan20th April 201521st April 2015
    48Nagoya, Japan21st April 201524th April 2015
    49Kyōto, Japan24th April 201528th April 2015
    50Hiroshima, Japan28th April 20152nd May 2015
    51Fukuoka, Japan2nd May 20153rd May 2015
    52Busan, Südkorea3rd May 201510th May 2015
    53Jeonju, Südkorea10th May 201511th May 2015
    54부안군, Südkorea11th May 201514th May 2015
    55Daejeon, Südkorea14th May 201518th May 2015
    56Seoul, Südkorea18th May 201525th May 2015
    57Istanbul, Türkei25th May 201529th May 2015
    58Oldenburg, Deutschland29th May 201510th June 2015

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    1. Thank you, Anja (and Henry), for sharing this with us. Will you, please, have fun! And, of course, I clicked the “Don’t click !!!” button just to come to know that Rick still rules.

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