Forgotten World Highway

Forgotten World Highway


If you like driving narrows serpentines with stunning views in the mountains, cruising around cows that stand in the middle of the road, one-lane bridges and -tunnels (!), ghost towns, gravel roads, and always wanted to become a citizen of the world`s tiniest republic – then you should definitely drive the Forgotten World Highway between Taumarunui and Stratford.

If you go in a campervan like ours, you shouldn`t get easily seasick.

We’ve made our phone take a picture every 5 or so seconds, to give you a fast-forward version of the trail:

Taumarunui – first stop somewhere along the road:

Forgotten Highway Part 1

To the ghost town Tangarakau:

Forgotten Highway Part 2

Tangarakau – Whangamomona:

Forgotten Highway Part 3

Whangamomona – Stratford:

Forgotten Highway Part 4


And, as usual, some pictures:

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