John o’Groats, we made it through the rain…

John o’Groats, we made it through the rain…

We finally made it to John o’ Groats. It took us almost two months, a lot of walking, some busses, trains and a taxi.

As some of you may know and some may not we had to speed things up because of some unforeseen private matters we had to attend to back in Germany.

John o’ Groats or formaly Jan de Groote isn’t exactly the most exciting place in the world. There are a few houses, a hotel with a great selection of whisky, where we stayed for two nights and Dinner (Burger and Haggis Tower, we’re getting really fond of haggis) and a few shops. And of course the sign post. The new one, the old one is up for sale after it was put out of business by the new one.

There’s quite a bit of vandalism going on oddly enough by the Seagulls (the phone booth pictures).

Weather was good on arrival and in the evening we had a nice sunset which we almost missed.
Next day, rain again. The whole day. Typical…

Looking for a theme to end this part of our journey we dug up this old song from the 40’s by Sir Harry Lauder.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more of our adventures as we try our best at avoiding going back to work.




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