Offa we go

Offa we go


Offa we go,

the first part of our hike takes us from Chepstow to Tintern.
Weather is dry and not to warm. There’s not really much to say about this part of our walk. The walk itself was sometimes quite challenging and took us through all kinds of beautiful landscapes.
Shortly after we started our walk we met Sarah and her Grandfather from Canada, who is 83 and remarkably fit. We all had a hard time keeping up with his pace! They would be our new hiking companions all the way to Tintern. Thanks, was really fun walking with you and have fun in Ireland and France! :)
Time flew by and before we knew it we where in Tintern where we visited the Abbey, again. Still plenty of time on our hands we thought about continuing to our next destination. But that was not to be as we got held up by Cream Tea and a strenuous “climb” back to Offa’s Dyke Path.
So camping it is. Good night…

As always some pictures on the way…


The next morning,
it rained most of the night and still did in the morning, not too sure wich was worse, the weather or Anja’s mood. Did I mention Anja doesn’t like rain?
Time to pack up and get back on the path, not much fun packing up in the rain..
Fortunately during the day the weather got better and so did Anja’s mood.
Eventually it got quite warm and we decided to take a break at the Boat Inn where chickens where enjoying a nice left over meal and we could watch some water activities and a sinking canoe, that was fun.
Just before arriving in Monmouth we came across a nice old viaduct.

Enough said, pictures…

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