Review: Grandmas Creative Kitchen

Review: Grandmas Creative Kitchen




Hands down the nicest place for a good meal we’ve been to in Beijing.

Located in one of Beijing’s Hutongs this cosy restaurant serves great meals and isn’t at all expensive.
The service is attentive, very welcoming and friendly. Its the kind of place you instantly feel at home.
They have an english menu and some staff there even speak English.

We went there twice and given more time we would of gone again. My favourite was the grilled Duck, but also the grilled Chicken they serve was delicious. Anja had Beef Stew and Duck Casserole wich were equally delicious.

We had a long talk to one of the girls who works there, she explained how the place came to be. It is fairly new, about two years if I remember correctly. The place gives elderly people the opportunity to do something useful in this case cook, not so much for the money but to do something they enjoy, in this case cooking, and cook they can. Since we were there we’ve been to Xi’An and Shanghai. Haven’t been to a better place yet. We also learned about the “Grandma Legend” wich is depicted on the mural. If you want to hear the story, well, you’ll just have to go there and find out for your self.

The whole place is full of history, antiques and cosy niches. Definitely a must if you visit Beijing.
And they’ve even won some awards. Congratulations from us, well deserved indeed. Hope you win many more!

This is where you’ll find it:
6 Fang Zhuan Chang Hu Tong, Beijing Shi, China

Here a few more pictures, we were there very early so don’t be surprised if the place seems a bit empty.


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