Things We’ve Seen ein Reiseblog

Things We’ve Seen ein Reiseblog

Hello – Salut – Ciao – Anneyeonghaseyo – Shalom !

Anyway, pleased to meet you, in a virtual kind’a way :o)

We’re thrilled you found your way to our small introduction of our blog.

We began our travel blog late 2014 in anticipation of our one-year world trip, the idea was to keep in touch with our friends, colleagues, and relatives who stayed behind.

By following our blog they would know that we’re ok and where we presently were. At the same time, we noticed it’s a fun way to keep track of our adventures, and relive some of our favourite moments. Memory does get kind of crowded with all the new impressions crashing in every day, so it’s a good way to keep all those new memories alive.
We quickly noticed that other people from around the world started following our blog. At first, we found this a bit uncanny but hey, we follow other blogs too.
Maintaining a travel blog is quite a bit of work, from setting it up, choosing a nice and responsive theme, finding the right plugins (they display calendars, maps, and twitter for instance, but they also do many other things in the background), the plugins can sometimes be tricky and might even crash your site, more than once we almost lost all our content.

ALWAYS BACKUP ! Not just your blog, also anything on your PC that is important to you, always have at least two versions on separate hard drives.
(I’m an IT Professional and have seen many tears shed and businesses ruined due to lack of backups)

Back to our blog, our world trip started on the 31.12.2014 in Germany and we arrived in the Dominican Republic just in time to check-in, get changed and celebrate new Year in Punta Cana. From here we would travel around the globe, never more than a couple of weeks in each country and never more than a few days in one place, with few exceptions. Travelling like this, living out of a rucksack, can be quite demanding, but also very rewarding, we would do it again anytime. For the moment we have lots of shorter trips in mind but who knows… there are still so many places we need to visit.

Our journey led us from the DR to USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, the UK, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and back to Germany.

We will be adding more trips from 2016 and 2017 including more from Canada, Sicily, and some upcoming voyages we have planned. We also decided to add some places we visited from before we started our blog, as some are worth a mention, Ethiopia, to just to name one example. Also, we are adding an entirely new section with some of our favourite recipes from around the world.

Hope you enjoy our stories and pictures and we do appreciate your feedback.

Faithfully Anja and Henry